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Get Outside! Fall

In today’s busy world, every minute of the day is full with items to check off of our “to do” lists.  We rush; we schedule.  We hardly take the time to just stop, listen and experience.  As the weather begins to cool and summer fades to fall, life outside our windows is slowing down.  You should too!  Find a child and get outside.

Use this list as your new “to do” list.

  • Take your shoes off and walk in the grass.  Use all of your five sense so experience the outdoors.
  • Have a sidewalk scavenger hunt. See who can find the most plants growing in cracks, or bugs hiding in fire hydrants.
  • Find leaves which create a rainbow of colors.  See how many different colors you can find.
  • Create sidewalk hopscotch.  Play using a homemade beanbag.  Make your own beanbag with this helpful tutorial

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