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Get outside for some great winter activities!

Winter is often thought as an indoor season. Even with the air colder and shorter days, there are plenty of activities to connect children with nature.  Before any trek out into the cold, make sure to read these tips for safety,

Take a Pre-Winter Walk

Explore the changes of the season with a pre-winter walk.  Discuss with your children the signs of winter and the changes that are occurring around them. The National Wildlife Federation has great activities to engage children with nature.  Learn tips for a successful pre- winter walk from NWF,

Search for Frost Flowers

When the ground temperature is above freezing while air temperature is below freezing, you have the potential for a phenomenon called Frost Flower. Setup an outdoor Frost Flower photo hunt. When one is discovered, take a photo and have children place it in their nature journal. See how many you can find! For more information about Frost Flower visit

Create a Snow Painting

Want to add a little color to the winter landscape?  Get outside with your children and create snow paintings with a little bit of food coloring and a lot of imagination. Check out this do it yourself painting idea,

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