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Family Nature Clubs!

“What if more and more parents, grandparents and kids around the country band together to create outdoor adventure clubs, family nature networks, family outdoor clubs, or green gyms? What if this approach becomes the norm in every community?”— Richard Louv, author and Chairman, Children & Nature Network

Does your community have a family nature club? Are you interested in starting one?  Exploring the outdoors with your family doesn’t take a special program or event. Nature is all around you.  By creating a family nature club, a community can get the benefits of time in nature by exploring their neighborhood, local parks and trails on their own schedule.  Whatever the form of the club, all share three basic goals:  get outside in nature on a frequent basis; gather children, friends and community members to share outdoor adventures; and experience the befits of time spent together outside.  (Taken from the Children and Nature Network, Nature Club for Families Tool Kit)

The Children and Nature Network offers great resources for getting your club started.  A tool kit is available that provides information and tips from families that have developed and learned through their own clubs. In addition to the tool kit, C&NN’s Movement Directory list family clubs and people in your region interested in connecting children with nature.  To find the tool kit and other resources to start your own family club, visit

If you have questions about starting a club in Missouri, contact Missouri Children and Nature at .

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