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Instructions for Communities

#1 Create a “Children in Nature Community” action team.

This should be a local network of people from your community interested in connecting children to nature. The goal of the Challenge is to provide tools that help increase outdoor awareness and activity for Missouri children. This checklist will help your community achieve  statewide recognition, upon completion of the challenge.

#2 Register your “community action team” with us!

Use our online form to let us know your community is interested.  Please provide a list of team members. Include contact information for someone leading the charge (whether that’s your mayor or someone on the team).

#3 Prepare to meet the following criteria

Your community needs to receive 150 points  to become a Children In Nature Challenge Community.  Download the community checklist with activities and assigned point values.   A community needs 100 points in group and/or community activities, 30 points in partner/community development and 20 points in education/school-related activities. Please refer to step four as it pertains to tracking your communities progress.

#4 Maintain records

Maintain records of your activities and related numbers and be able to describe how your community efforts have connected the children in your community to nature. When your community has completed the checklist, submit the following in a report format.

  1. Community checklist indicating what activities were completed for the necessary 150 points to become a Children in Nature community.
  2. Description of activities and events in relation to the checklist and the number of children participating.
  3. Description of awareness efforts and audiences reached.
  4. Additional materials that help showcase the results and impact on your community.

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